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Surviving Finals Week

Finals are coming. The end-of-semester finish line is in sight, but there’s still a massive marathon to get through.

This semester has challenged all of us in ways we never expected creating endless stress and anxiety. According to a Fall 2020 survey from the Jed Foundation, the pandemic negatively impacted the emotional health of 63% of college students. Even outside of finals week, 82% of students face anxiety, and 62% report trouble concentrating. As intense as it can be, there are ways to stay resilient and finish out strong.

Here are a few tips to make sure you finish out the semester with your mental health intact!

  • Have a self-care plan in place

  • Create a study schedule

  • Minimize "stress bragging"

  • Listen to your body

  • Give yourself proper nutrition

  • Protect your sleep

  • Reward yourself for achievements

  • Stay connected with friends

  • Remember this is all temporary

Finals week can seem all-consuming, but remember that you're a whole person with needs outside of a single week during the semester. Being kind to yourself can help you both academically and from a mental health perspective.

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