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My Go To Hair Products

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

If there is one thing I am known for it is my big, dark curls. I am blessed to have very thick hair so no extensions are needed here, but there are still plenty of products that go into my perfect pageant curls.

This is literally my holy grail product. I cannot do my curls without it. I spray each piece of hair with it before I curl it. The thermal setting mist is also a heat protectant up to 450 degrees. Now this product is pretty sticky so you might have to wipe down your bathroom, but it will make your curls hold so well that it is worth it!

This is the teasing comb that I use. It has a pointed end to section pieces and a mix metal and plastic teeth. I feel that it teases my hair without making it frizzy. They are also super cheap and the multipack is great so you can keep one in all your different bags.

For the girls who can manage to put their pin curls up using only bobby pins... more power to you, but that would not cut it with my thick hair. I use these 3.5" mental alligator clips for my pins curls. They are long enough and strong enough to catch all the hair. Bonus that they are pretty cheap and include a storage box so I can throw them into my hair bag.

I love this product. Before I brush out my curls, I spray this all over my head. It tames frizz, removes static, and makes it super shiny. Plus it smells so good!

You will always see me with my silk cap on during rehearsals if it is a pageant day. I almost always sleep with my pin curls in since my hair is thick enough that I don't feel them and it saves me a lot of time in the morning. Even if you don't sleep in them, the cap keeps the curls in place and minimizes frizz

What type of brush you choose is up to you. I use a wet brush because that is what is in my pageant bag. I do feel that a paddle style brush does brush the curls out nicer than other styles.

I don't have much experience with dry shampoo, but I am pretty happy with this one that was recommended to me. The biggest issue i face with dry shampoo is white residue on my dark hair and this one is translucent. I spray the dry shampoo on the top 3 curls that go across my head and the first two curls on each side of my face to give them extra volume. After I spray the dry shampoo is when I tease the roots and then I curl it.

This is the curling iron I have been using and find is the easiest to work with. You really can't go wrong with any Hot Tools products and different sizes might work better on different hair types.

And that is everything that I use for my voluminous curls. I hope this post helped and that you enjoy some of these products as much as me. Happy curling!

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